Search Engine Tips :
Human Based Indexes

Most human based indexes have sites listed in different categories ordered alphabetically. The most important factor is therefore to get a name that will be listed first - for example: A1 Autodealers, 123-Carshop etc.

Some human based engines will list sites by title (what's between the tags at the top of your main page). Therefore you should make sure to make the title something like "123-Car Shop - Simply the best" (will get you listed under 123) rather than: "Simply the best : 123-Car shops" (will get you listed under SIM).

Other indexes will list sites by the official name behind the site (if the main page of 123-Carshop says "Welcome to Ziff Zwelugs Car Shop" the site may be listed under "Ziff Swelugs Car Shop" no matter what the domain name is).

A work around for this problem is to actually write "Welcome to 123-Car Shops" until you see your site listed in the search engines. Once the site is listed under 123-Car Shops you can change it to "Welcome to Ziff Zwelug" since most human based indexes will never return to check on the content.

Finally, some engines list sites by domain name.

Therefore we can summarize the "naming objects" to:
  • 1) register
  • 2) write "" in the title of the main page
  • 3) make sure it appears as if the company behind the site is actually using "123 Carshop" as official name.
Another important factor is that your site has content of a certain depth or quality - otherwise most human based indexes will disqualify it and simply not list it. So, if your site obviously appears to be "under construction" do not even think about submitting it to a human based index.

A final word on human based indexes is to pay attention to the categories.

Assume that there is a category called "Transportation" with a sub-category called "Automobiles" and another sub-category way down the list called "Shops for new cars". In this example most users will click the link to "Automobiles" even before they read the rest of the list - therefore you may get more clicks with a top listing under "Automobiles" than under the subcategory "Shops for new cars" - although the latter may be more precise for your site.

Just remember one thing: it's humans that check the sites for relevance and depth, and if they get a sense that you're trying to fool them, there is a good chance they will end up fooling you instead and simply not list your site.



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