Search Engine Tips :

While your "weapons" were few and fairly simple as far as human based indexes are concerned, getting to the top of robots is a full-scale open-war-with-few-rules-challenge.

Let's start out with looking at things from the robots perspective.

A good search engine serves good and relevant links to the users. Therefore the main enemy for the robot is sites that try to get listed beyond their content - also known as spammers.

There are many tricks for this; some are so common that even the robot knows them! These techniques (bad tricks) should be avoided, since they're easily identified as spam attempts, and will result in your site getting an even worse listing than without them.

The good tricks that we will cover have one big advantage: they don't really work on sites that lack content. ( Spammers of course will see this as a disadvantage, but then again: this article wasn't written for spammers so who cares? ).



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