Search Engine Tips :

There are no easy 5-minute ways to give your site good listings with search engines. The commonly used "bad tricks" only give you a worse listing than you'd otherwise get.

The good tricks, most of them work much better if you have a lot of content on your site. A good search engine listing begins when you start developing your site. Decide for 5-10 combos of words that you want to optimize for, for example "Elvis", "Elvis Presley", "Life of Elvis" and "Is Elvis alive". Then make sure to write a lot of good content on these topics, where you use the "gold words" as often as you can, both in the content but more importantly in page titles, headings, links and most important: in the URL's.
The more pages you have, the more options you have for advertising your gold words for indexing. Make sure the content is spelled correct and make sure the html syntax is error free.

Once you're all done - and not a second before that - go visit the different search engines and submit your site for indexing. Do not waste money on services that will submit you site to 2,000 engines at once - obviously auto submission is bad submission (you may get listed in wrong categories etc) but even more important: 99.9% of all searches are done with the top 20 most important engines. (95% are done with the top 10 and more than half are done with the top 2 - Yahoo and Google).

Do not waste time on the bad tricks, writing tons of words for meta keywords, repeating text at the bottom of pages and uploading satellite pages to different domains. The time and money wasted on using these outdated methods is better spent on writing plain old-fashioned good content. And, in the long run, good content may even build up a stable number of return visitors that will advertise your site to friends and colleagues much better than any search engine listing could ever come close to.



     "Better Than Books - As Easy As It Gets!"