Click the menu-item you want to read about :

Play                                 Enter
Rewind                            Ctrl + Alt + R
Step Forward                   >
Step Backward                <
Test Movie                      Ctrl + Enter
Test Scene                       Ctrl + Alt + Enter
Loop Playback
Play All Scenes
Enabel Frames Actions  Ctrl + Alt + A
Enabel Buttoms              Ctrl + Alt + B
Mute Sounds                  Ctrl + Alt + M

Play starts the animation in the current frame. While the animation is playing, "play" turns into "stop" which can be used to stop the animation.

You can also start animations by pressing the Enter-key.
You can also stop animations by pressing the Esc-key.

Ctrl + Alt + R

Rewinds the movie to the first frame of the current scene.

Step Forward            
Step Forward moves to the next frame in the current scene. It also stops an animation if it is playing.

Step Backward     

Step Backward moves back to the preceeding frame in the current scene. It also stops an animation if it is playing.

Test Movie
Ctrl + Enter

Even though you can play your movie in the edit-window you look at when you create the movie, certain functions will not be available. Use the "Test Movie"-option to see how your movie really works without having to go through the entire export-movie proces. (See File>Export movie).

Test Scene
Ctrl + Alt + Enter

Test scene works in the same way as Test Movie. Only difference is that whereas "test movie" starts at the first scene in your movie, "test scene" will start at the first frame of the current movie.

( Flash settings )

Used to change the settings for your Flash-movie.
The options are very similar to the ones you have when you choose:  File > Export Movie.

Loop Playback

Used to make your movie re-start when it reaches the last frame rather than just stop.

Play All Scenes

Play All Scenes will play all scenes in your movie when you choose the play-option.
This setting is not default since usually you only work with one scene at a time.

Enabel Frames Actions
Ctrl + Alt + A

To test if your frame-actions works you need to enable them.
It is a good idea to test frame-actions using the "Control > Test Movie"-option.

Enable Buttoms
Ctrl + Alt + B

To see if your buttons work as they should you need to enable them.
If your buttons are enabled you cannot select them by clicking with the mouse, since a mouseclick on an enabled button will simply launch the action attached to the button. If you want to select an enabled button, the trick is, instead of clicking it, simply drag a rectangle outside the button.

Mute Sounds
Ctrl + Alt + M

Mute Sounds gives you the opportunity to play your movie without soundeffects.