Click the menu-item you want to read about.

Undo                       Ctrl + Z
Redo                       Ctrl + Y
Cut                          Ctrl + X
Copy                       Ctrl + C
Paste                       Ctrl + V
Paste in Place          Ctrl + Shift + V
Paste Special
Clear                       Delete
Duplicate                 Ctrl + D
Select All                 Ctrl + A
Deselect All             Ctrl + Shift + A
Copy Frames           Ctrl + Alt + C
Paste Frames           Ctrl + Alt + P
Edit Symbols            Ctrl + E
Edit Selected
Edit All
Insert Object

Ctrl + Z

Undo the last change ade to the active movie.
You can specify the number of undo's you want to be able to do in the menu:
File > Preferences .......up to 200 undo's.

( Cancel undo )


Redo cancels the last undo.
You can specify the number of undo's you want to be able to do in the menu:
File > Preferences .......up to 200 undo's.

Ctrl + X

Cut removes the selected element from the movie and places it in the clipboard.


Copies the selected object(s) to the clipboard without removing it from the screen.


Ctrl + V

Paste inserts the content of the clipboard into the current frame in the active Flash movie.

Paste in Place
Ctrl + Shift + V

Paste in Place inserts the content of the clipboard at exactly the same position it was copied from,
This is in contrast to "Paste" which always centers the pasted element in the window.
Use Paste in Place wne you move an element from one layer to another, or from one frame to another.

Paste Special    ( Windows only )

Paste Special inserts the content of the clipboard in a specified format.
Paste Special can also be used to link to another window.



Clear deletes selected elements.

Ctrl + D

Duplicate creates a copy of selected element(s).

Select All
Ctrl + A

Selecs all objects in the current frame.

Deselect All
Ctrl + Shift + A

Deselects all selected objects.

Copy Frames
Ctrl + Alt + C

Copies the entire content of one or more frames.
Use Edit->Insert frames to paste what has been copied with the "Copy Frames"-option.

Select the frames you want to copy by dragging the mouse on the timeline. If you do not want all layers to be copied just mark the frames of the layers you want.


Paste Frames
Ctrl + Alt + P

Paste Frames inserts frames copied using the "copy frames"-option..
Mark one or more layers, where you want the frames to be inserted before using the paste frames-option.

Edit Symbols
Ctrl + E

Choose this option when you want to edit a symbol rather than the movie.
If a symbol is selected when you choose this option the selected symbol will be opened in the symbol-editor.
Otherwise the first symbol in your library will be opened in the symbol-editor.

When you are don editing the symbol, choose Edit > Edit Movie to return to your movie.

Edit Selected

Select an object and choose Edit Selected, to open the symbol-editor and make changes to the selected object.

If grouped objects are selected when you choose this option the symbol-editor will not be launched. Instead, Flash will turn into a state where it adds whatever you put on the screen to the group.
This means, if you have selected two symbols, that has been grouped, and you choose this topic, then all further symbols, texts or drawings you add to your movie will be added to the group. To go back to normal mode, where new elements are not added to the current group you will choose Edit > Edit All.

Edit All

Edit all ends group-editing (see Edit>Edit Selected) and returns to normal mode.

Insert Object

The Insert Object command embeds an object, such as a chart or an equation, in the current movie. The application in which the object was created is opened and becomes active.


Links opens the standard link dialog box. Use the options available to edit links between your movie and other movies.

Links can not be activated if there are no embedded links to a movie present.


Object gives you different options dependent on the selected object.
Typical options are edit or open, which will launch the application the object was created with and give you the opportunity to change it.