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New                         Ctrl + N
Open...                     Ctrl + O
Open as Library...    Ctrl + Shift + O
Close                       Ctrl + W
Save                        Ctrl + S
Save as...                 Ctrl + Shift + S
Import...                   Ctrl +R
Export Movie...        Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
Export Image...       
Page Setup...
Print Preview
Print...                      Ctrl + P
Exit                          Ctrl + Q

Ctrl + N

Opens a new movie without a title.
To add a title to your movie choose:
File > Save.

Ctrl + O

Opens an existing movie in a new window.

Open as Library
Ctrl + Shift + O

Open as Library opens a library created in another movie.
This is an easy way to access symbols used in other movies.

Ctrl + W

Close the active movie.
If changes haven't been saved you will be asked if you want to save them.
If you close a movie without saving changes the changes will be lost.
Before saving a movie that has no title, Flash will launch the Save as dialog box.

Ctrl + S

Saves the active movie using it's current filename and folder.

Save as
Ctrl + Shift + S

Save the active movie with a new name.


Ctrl +R

Use this item to import graphics created in other programs than Flash.
An imported image will be placed in the current frame on the current layer.
At the same time the imported image will be added to your symbol-library.

Flash can also import sounds in the AIFF- or Wave-format.
Flash saves imported sounds in the symbol-library.


Export Movie
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S

You have several options when you export a Shockwave Flash movie.
You can change settings for image and soundcompression as well as protect your movie from being imported.

It is possible to export Flash 3 movies in older versions af Flash, but new features such as
alpha channel, mask layers and movie clips willnot work.

Export Image
Export image saves the content of the current frame in a format that can be opened by other programs.

Page Setup
Page setup lets you setup options relevant to your printer.
Note: This item will not affect the movie, only the way it is printed if you choose to print it out.
To change settings for your movie use Modify->Movie.

Print Preview
Use print preview to see how a scene looks on print before actually printing it out.

Ctrl + P

Print opens a standard Print dialog-box.
Use the options in the dialog-box to specify what you want to print.


Preferences opens a dialog-box that will allow you to enter preferences for the program.


Assistant opens the assistant dialog box. Use the available options to specify tolerences for line-recognition, snap-settings etc.

Ctrl + Q

Exit closes the Flash program, you will be asked if changes should be saved before closing the program.