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Create Symbol             F8
Motion Guide
Frame                          F5
Delete Frame               Shift + F5
Keyframe                    F6
Blank keyframe           F7
Clear Keyframe          Shift + F6
Remove Scene
Template Command

Create Symbol

Create Symbol opens the Symbol Properties dialog box.

Name is used to name the symbol. Each symbol must have a unique name.
Behavior is used to tell Flash if the symbol should work as a plain graphic, button or movie clip.

Note: In general it is strongly adviced that all objects in your movie are stored as symbols. You should never draw or enter text directly on the canvas of your movie.

The reason is that when doing so certain effects can not be used on the objects (such as tweening coloreffects for example).
Furthermore, objects that are placed directly on the canvas cannot be reused. This means, that if you use the object in another place of your movie, Flash will save it twice. If the object is turned into a symbol, Flash will simply reuse the symbol wherever it is inserted in your movie.
Finally, when your objects are stored as symbols you can easily change them throughout an entire movie without having to go through every frame the object is used in. Simply change the symbol and it will appear with the changes in all frames.


Inserts a new layer in the current scene.
The new layer will be current.

Motion Guide
Motion Guide creates a new layer in which you can paint lines you want the object in the current layer to move along when tweening. If for example you want an image to move around in a circle, you will place the image in a layer. Then create a motion guide layer in which you will draw a circle. Next step is to snap your image to the circle. If you make sure to snapthe image to the motion-guide-circle in all keyframes, then movement tweenings will happen along the circle in the motionguide rather than along a straight line.



Inserts new frame(s) at the current position in the timeline.
To insert more than one frame, simply select the number of frames you want to insert in the timeline before choosing the frame-option.

Delete Frame
Shift + F5

Deletes the frames selected in the timeline. Note: Only the frames of the selected layers are deleted. To delete frames in all layers you need to select all layers in the timeline as well as the frames you want to delete.


Keyframe changes the selected frame(s) to keyframe(s).
The content of the preceeding keyframe(s) automatic becomes the content of the new keyframe(s).

Blank keyframe

Blank Keyframe inserts an empty keyframe at the selected position on the timeline.

Clear Keyframe
( Delete Keyframe )

Shift + F6

Converts a keyframe back to a normal frame.


Inserts a new scene in your movie. The new scene is placed right after the current scene.

Remove Scene
( Delete scene )

Deletes the current scene.

Template Command

Template Command is used to create "Flash Generator Templates",
to be used with the program "Flash Generator".