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Goto                                                      >
100%                     Ctrl + 1
Show Frame          Ctrl + 2
Show All                 Ctrl +3
Outlines                  Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 0
Fast                        Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F
Antialias                 Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A
Antialias Text         Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T
Timeline                  Ctrl + Alt + T
Work Area            Ctrl + Shift + W
Rulers                     Ctrl +Alt + Shift + R
Grid                       Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G
Snap                      Ctrl + Alt + G
Show Shape Hints  Ctrl + Alt + H


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Scene 1


Shows the first scene in a movie.

Page Up

Shows the scene previous to the one you are looking at now.

Page Down

Shows the next scene in your movie.


Shows the last scene in the current movie.

Scene 1

Here you will see a list of current scenes in your movie. Click one of them to jump to it.
The current scene has a small mark next to its name.

Ctrl + 1

Sets zoom-control to 100%, which will let you see the movie as close to the real size as possible.

Show Frame
Ctrl + 2

Show Frame sets zoom so that it will allow you to see all contents of the current frame.

Show All
Ctrl +3

Show all sets zoom so that you will see the entire canvas of your movie.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 0

When you choose outlines you will only be able to see the outlines of your objects.
This will allow you to view complex drawings faster, as well as make it easier to select objects that are placed behind each other.


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F

Shows all colors and lines in your movie.
Texts are not antialiased, which means they might appear more or less pixelated.
This is the most common condition to work in.


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A

Antialias will show drawings and lines, in a way that makes the edges seem smooth on the screen.
This condition is slower than the View>Fast-condition.

Antialias Text

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T

Antialias Text smooths the edges of text in your movie.
Antialis Text works best with large font-sizes and can be very slow if there are many text-objects in the movie.


Ctrl + Alt + T

Timeline shows or hides the timeline in the current movie.

Work Area
Ctrl + Shift + W

Work Area shows the entire area in which your objects are placed.
If you have objects placed outside the canvas you will see the area in gray.
Use this option when you want to select an object that is placed outside the canvas.

Ctrl +Alt + Shift + R

Turns rulers on and off.
Use rulers to measure distances and dimensions of your drawings.


Tabs shows or hides the panels indicating different scenes in the right side of the screen( next to the timeline ).
When activated click a tab to jump to another scene.
Doubleclick a tab to rename a scene .
Drag a tab with your mouse to change the scenes position relative to other scenes.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G

Shows/hides grids in your movie.
Same as choosing Show Grid in movie Properties box: Modify > Movies.

Use grid to position objects fast and precise in your movie. Note: When Grid is activated objects will be snapped to the grid-corners as soon as the mouse gets close to them. To position an object close to, but not at, one of the corners, you need to turn off snap.


Ctrl + Alt + G

Snap actibates/deactivates the autiomatic snapping in Flash.
When snapping is activated it helps you draw straight line as well as position objects precisely.
If you hold down the SHIFT-key, you can temporarily turn snap on and off.

Show Shape Hints

Ctrl + Alt + H

Shows/hides the handles you use when you make a shape tweening.