Pencil ( Pen )

Use the pencil to draw in free hand.
You can change setting to allow you to draw ovals or rectangles, using solid or dotted lines etc.

When you click the pencil-tool the following options appears:

Pencil mode

Click an option to get an explanation.

pencil mode
Pencil mode

Use pencil mode to force the drawing to be straight lines, curved lines, ovals, rectangles etc.

line color
Line color

Use this option to select a color for your drawings.

line thickness
Line thickness

Choose which line-thickness fits your drawing.
Note: You can even change the thickness of an existing line. Simply click the line to select it, and then enter the desired line-thickness.

line style
Line style

Line style is used to control the style of your drawings. You can choose between predefined (solid, dotted etc) or you can choose "custom" to create your own style.