Use the texttool to enter or edit text.

When you click the texttool the following options appears:

bold italic
align paragraph

Click an option to get an explanation

Font ( Skrifttype )

Use this option to select the font you want to use.
Note: Flash saves the font as part of the movie. This means that you can use any font you like.(Unlike in HTML where you are limited to use the fonts available on the visitors computer).
In order to keep the size of the movie at a minimum it is not recommended to use several different fonts, since each font needs to be saved separately. Each additional font will on average increse the size of your movie with 4-5 Kb..

Fontsize ( Skriftstørrelse )

Use fontsize to specify the size of the textl.

Textcolor ( Skriftfarve )

Use textcolor to select a desired color for your text.
Note: If you want to use advanced fill on your text you need to turn it into a drawing. This is done by selecting the text, and then breaking it apart using the Ctrl-B-keys. After doing this you can use gradient fills on the text.
Also note, that when text is turned into a drawing it takes up more space, so it is not adviced to turn larger amounts of text into drawings. use this option for headers only.

bold ( fed )

Formaters the selected text to write in bold characters.

Italic ( kursiv )

Formats the selected text to be written in italics.

alignment ( Justering )

Alignment is used to justify your text.
Choose one of the following allignment-options:

Left alignment
Center alignment
Right alignment
Full justification ( Justyfies both to the left and to the right - changing spaces to make it fit )

Paragraph ( Afsnit )
Modify > Paragraph

When you click "paragraph" a dialog box appears:

Use the options in this box to specify margins, tabs and linespacing for paragraph text.