Java Applets :

One of the most popular applets is the "Lake" applet.

The applet:

The code needed to insert the applet:
<title>Lake Applet</title>

The Lake-Applet<br><br>
<applet CODE="lake.class" width="370" height="200">
<param name="image" value="sunset.gif">

The image used in the applet:
StGeorges Bridge, Delaware, US - Photo: AC Higgins, Dream Photography

As you can see in the above example, the class file that contains the applet is called "lake.class".
The image used by the applet could be any image you choose. In the example we used an image called sunset.gif. Both "lake.class" and sunset.gif needs to be uploaded to the server.
(If you want to use the above image, you should right click it with your mouse to save it on your own computer.)

If you want to try playing with this applet yourself, you can click on the link below to download the class file. (You can save the image shown above by right clicking it with the mouse).

Note: When entering the height of the applet, you should enter the height of the image times 2 minus 10.
If your image was 200 pixels in height you would enter 200*2-10=390.

Click here to download the lake.class file.

Click here for more free applets.



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