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The creation of a website is a complex proces that starts out far away from the computer. It is important to approach the webdesign with focus on the possibillitises offered by the web rather than just seing it as another way to communicate traditionally printed material.
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We believe that the starting point of all websites should be determining the image and information the company wants to communicate as well as the customersegments that should be reached by the website.

When these basic factors are identified we can continue the proces, by a clarification on what information is available and feasable for the web.
Unlike printed material the web is not just a visual media - it is to a high degree technical as well. The pages has to live up to aesthethic  as well as technical standards.
There is no point in setting up a graphical excellent page if it takes half an hour to download, and when downloaded only runs on 10 percent of all browsers.

Furthermore the web is not a piece of paper. It is a dynamic media. The content can be changed within seconds. The costs of adding information are reduced to the set-up and amintainence of the pages, thus being a fixed cost, unlike printed material where the cost of information added varies with the amount published. Finally a webpage is run on a computer. This might be the most important reason why the companys webpage should not be limited to being a computerbased version of the traditional written informationresources the company might have. paper.gif (1977 bytes)

If this fact is incorporated in the design it will often give acces to:

1: Costreductions (customers can handle services that would otherwise require human resources).
2: Increased turnover (the worlds biggest market can be reached through a webshop).

Increased turnover combined with costreduction will most likely result in profitoptimization, and in most cases to a degree that can easily finance the costs of developing and maintaining the website.

Many traditional businesses will eventually not be found in the physical society anymore. The positive effects of running the business on the web is simply too big to allow the business any chances outside the web. In these cases building the right website is not a matter of profitmaximization..... it is simply a matter of survival!

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If you allready have a webpage on the internet it might be worth getting a consultingreport from us that analyzes the site focusing on improvements that can be made as well as mistakes that should be corrected.

If you don't have a website you might consider our offer to generate a report analyzing the possibilities (or lack of such) for your company to build a website. The report will focus on the potential benefits of a website as well as the costs there would be attached to building such a site. PE01661A.gif (1977 bytes)

If you decide to have your existing site improved or to have a new site developed we offer two different site-design packages:

1: Designinging the site
2: Consulting-assistance on the design you make of the site

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When the site is designed it needs to be promoted in order to get people to come visit. This includes optimal adding to all major searchengines. Using an automized registration to the searchengines is NOT an optimal solution to this problem, since all seachengines requires different information in order to index the site as good as possible. basoons.gif (3817 bytes)

We offer to take care of registering your site in all important searchengines as well as considering other ways of promoting the site. This might include sharing links with other existing sites that attracts the desired segments or advertising the page in appropriate newsgroups or advertising the site in other medias, such as papers or magazines.

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Finally, when the page is designed and promoted it needs maintenance. According to all customer-surveys in the field a major fault on many sites is that they are non maintenanced. The information is outdated. There is no dynamic apporach to the site - thus nothing that attracts viewers to come back to the site or add it to their bookmarklist of favourite sites. In the worst cases the site ends up working against the imagepromotion and informationpurpose that the site was intented to solve. TR00255A.gif (1360 bytes)

Depending on the know-how within your company you might choose to take care of the maintenance yourself or to outsource the job to a company that holds the knowhow to do it for you.

We are such a company.

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