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In addition to developing homepages and graphics we also provide consulting assistance to help you optimize the comanys IT-Strategy. 

Analysis of costs and benefits of an internet website and/or an intranet-solution should result in one of two possible outcomes:

1: Increasing profits by adding/improving a website.

2: Saving the costs of developing a website - cause you don't need one.

Wheteher the one or the other will be the case in your company we offer the expertise to optimize your companys IT-strategy.

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Traditional websites provide information to visitors from all over the world.

However a website can be set up for the one purpose of distributing information within your own company. A website that has your own company as targetvisitors is called an intranet-solution. 

Wheteher an intranetsolution should be accessible from the internet or only from the local area network (LAN) is a question of the specific needs within your organisation. For instance: Does all employees work at the same location ?

In some situations the optimal solution is a website that is full accessible from within your organization but only partial accessible for outsiders.

With an intranet running within your company you can make use of all the technologies known from the traditional internet, including webpages and E-mail.

However, if the intranetsolution runs on the LAN, the pages load immediately, thus allowing you to include much more graphic information on the pages.

Whether your company needs an internet, intranet or a combination we provide technical and consulting-services to make sure you get the optimal solution.

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Unlike traditional printed or broadcasted advertising the costs of advertising on the net does not vary with the amount of custoomers reached. At the same time the costs does not vary with the amount of information distributed to each customer.

This means that you can reach more potential cusomers on the web with a more substantial information than possible through traditional advertizingchannels.

Therefore the approach to webmarketing should be different from the approach to traditional marketing. The customers expects more detailed, updated and accurate information on a website than they do in a traditional ad.

Furthermore webmarketing in many cases offers more than just the eye-catching-probabilliies of most traditional marketingtools. In many cases it is possible to advertise and sell the product on the same webpage.

Two factors are important in webmarketing:

1: The website must have substance to attract the customer.
    This means that you need to include precise and updated information.
    Eventually you need to provide secondary information to attract the customer.
    Examples could be news-updates, weatherforecasts, free services etc.

2: The website must be known by the customer.
    This means that the website should be registered in important searchengines.
    Furthermore links to and from relevant sites should be established.
    Finally the website should work in addition to traditional marketingefforts.
    Examples could be referring to the site in brochures, and offering the customers
    to request brochures from the website.

We offer both technical and consulting services to optimize your webmarketing.

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Adding a webshop to your site makes it possible for visitors to buy your products while on the site. The costs of adding a website equals the costs of hiring a salesclerk for a couple of months, which means that if your companys products by nature can be sold on the net there should in general be litle hesitation considering adding this service to your customers.

Most companys face a much larger market on the net than they do from the traditional sales-surface. The entrance-costs on the global market are almost similar to the costs of attacking the local market on the net. This situation is totally different from the traditional markets, where accessing a global market would mean building offices and hiring people all over the world. On the net, the global companys does not have this advantage to the smaller companys.

If you represent an innovative - but not global - company you will most likely be able to increase your marketshare considerably by entering the global webmarket.

We provide webshops in two versions:

1: Standard webshop packages, starting at $3.000.

2: Personal devolopped webshops, starting at $10.000.

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We offer to help your company gather information from the internet. Examples could be information on major customers, products or fields in research.

The informationgathering can either be permanent, providing you a weekly or monthly newsletter, or it can be ad hoc.

In addition we offer consultingservices that will teach you how to optimize your own informationsearch in the future.

Wheteher you want to include the know-how in your own company by attending this service or you want to outsource the informationsearch to us is a decision of your companys needs and skills.

In any case - we offer the solution.

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