Tools :

This tool will let you easily embed flash movies into HTML.
This could also be done using the Publish option in the Flash program.

However some people feel that the Publish option in Flash has a rather complex user interface, and also makes a rather poor embedding, since among others, it fails to check for the users plugin version.

Judge for yourself which tool you prefer!

1: Enter the URL of your flash file.
The test window produced by this tool will only work
if your SWF file is already uploaded to the web.
If not, you should upload it now.
2: What if visitors on version 4+ browsers,
do not have the plugin installed?

Version 4+ browsers can automatically install the plugin.
However, you might want to let an alert box tell
these users that the plugin will be installed.
 Warn before installing: yes | no
3: What if visitors on older browsers,
do not have the plugin installed?

Older browsers require manual installation of the plugin.
Enter the URL to redirect these visitors to.
4: Do you want the flash movie to
start, as soon as it is loaded?

If not - the movie will simply show frame 1.
 AutoRun movie: yes | no
5: What is most important:
smooth movement or detailed graphics?

If Flash is forced to use detailed graphics, your
movie might not run smooth on older computers.
Experiment with the settings and see how it works.
If the movie is not running smooth - change settings.
  Force smooth animation always
  Prefer smooth animation when needed
  Prefer detailed graphics when needed
  Force detailed graphics always
6: How do you want the movie to be
embedded in the HTML document?

Note: stretching the movie might mess up
your graphics, since stretching can make an
elephant look like a crocodile - or vice versa.
Fixed width and height

Maximum width or height.
Proportions are maintained.
Movie is limited to screensize.

Maximum width or height.
Proportions are maintained.
Movie exceeds screensize.
Maximum width and height.
Proportions are NOT maintained.
Movie is limited to screensize.
7: Color for transparent areas of movie.
This color will be used as background on
the areas of your flash movie that have no content.
The color code must be entered using a hexadecimal value.
( for example: #FF33CC ).
Usually this color is the same as the background color for
the HTML page you want to embed the movie into.
If you're not familiar with hex colors click HERE to learn more.


8: Flash version to detect for.
The detection made with this tool can detect for specific versions of Flash.
If a user has a Flash 4 viewer and your movie is based on Flash 5, it is not enough to detect whether he has Flash installed or not -
we also need to check for the version.
Check to specify the minimum version required to be able to see your movie.

 Flash 3 or higher is minimum requirement
 Flash 4 or higher is minimum requirement
 Flash 5 or higher is minimum requirement
Flash 6 (FlashMx) or higher is minimum requirement


Once you are content with the test window,
just click file and save in your browser to save the code.

Links within the flash movie do not work
until you upload the test page to your own server.


     "Better Than Books - As Easy As It Gets!"