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     Henrik Petersen
     A Peter Thomsen
     Ernesto Lindell



Improve the quality of the web
We want to improve the quality of the web. This should be achieved in two ways.
One being through optimal webdesign done by ourselves.
A second being offering tutorials and access to free resources on the net.
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Updated Knowhow
Optimal webdesign can only be achieved by an ongoing survey in the field of new tools and possibilities on the net, as well as search of innovations by ourselves.

While focusing on the newest tools and possibilities we believe that some amount of conservatism should be added in the phase of design. We do not want to create fabulous websites if they can't be viewed by the majority of the visitors to the site.

Pre-design analysis
We are concious about the fact that most customers does not have the expertise demanded to express what can be done on the web. Therefore they can't express what they want on the web.
We believe it is crucial to be very serious about the phase that goes before the actual design of a website. By analysing the customers potential on the net we help them express their wants.

Beauty and speed
In the choise between heavy graphics and fast download-speed we seek to land somewhere in the middle. By optimizing graphics, reuse of graphic elements on different pages, a simple yet strong graphic enhancement of the entire site and use of vectorgraphics for heavy animation we believe that it is possible to give a strong graphic impression on the site without forcing the visitor to overlook the beauty by disapponintment of the loadingspeed.

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We want to make professional sites for professional customers. We do not want to rush the development of a site, ending up with a solution that bores both our customer and the visitors to the customers site. Therefore we always approach the design of a website by creating a preanalysis of the possibilities and demands of the companys potential site. Experience has shown us that these conditions are best achived by serving customers with the same professional approach to things.

At the same time we want all customers to be satisfied. If preanalysis does not show an incite for the customer to join the web we prefer to end the journey there. The demand for websolutions is big enough for us to get jobs elsewhere - and believe us, it is no fun to create bad sites :o) Furthermore a bad website is bad promotion of our company - and in the long run, we can't make a living of bad promotion.

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