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     Henrik Petersen
     A Peter Thomsen
     Ernesto Lindell



We have expertise in all aspects of the designphase.
In the development of a website we use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and Adobe Illustrator to produce optimal graphics to enhance the site.

We believe that designing a webpage is both an aesthethic and technical discipline. Graphics must reflect quality and at the same time offer fast downloadspeed for the visitor.

Our designers are webprogrammers at the same time. Therefore we provide a design that is made with respect to the technical demands and possibilities throughout the entire proces.

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We offer three major fields of programming.

Traditional HTML-programming - the basic and most obvious parts of webpagecreation.

Programs that runs on the visitors computer, including javascript and javaapplets. Typical examples would be buttons that changes on mouseovereffects or validationcheck of formentries.

Programs that runs on the server. Typical examples would be password-protection of sites, webpages that are made from extracts of a database, searchengines and all other kind of interactive webpages.

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Analysis of websites and IT-strategy.
Our analysis approach the subject from a holistic point of view. We do not see the website as an isolated part of the business marketingstrategy. The two of them should combine to a whole - supporting each other in any possible way.

Teaching the web - for designers
Our staff consists of experienced teachers in the field of webdesign. Covering aspects for the beginner as well as for the experienced webdesigner. We teach HTML-programming, Javascripting, PERL-programming and  Schockwave Flash-development. On the design-part we also teaches Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Teaching the internet - for users
Finally we also provide teaching optimal use of the net for users. We are experienced in teaching both beginners and experienced users of the net in aspects such asinformationsearch, world-wide-web, newsgroups and E-mail.

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