Flash Basics :

This tutorial has been designed so it can work both as an ongoing tutorial and as a reference.

NOTE: Links marked in red are scheduled but not currently available. We simply add the pages as we write them.

If you're new to Flash you should go through the different sections in the Flash menu, starting with "Buttons".
  • The tutorials on Drawing, Buttons, Tweenings, Transparency, Sounds, 3D Graphics and Scenes are required if you want to take your Flash design beyond the average.

  • The tutorials on Preloaders and Tell Target are more complex - so if you have a hard time with the preceeding techniques you might skip these two. Otherwise - this is where the real fun starts!

  • The tutorials on Precision Design, Optimizing Movies and Large Movies will help you to create faster loading movies with a more efficient work process. No matter what level you're on, these chapters are extremely relevant.

  • The tutorials on Mouse Events and Actions are necessary if you want to add sophisticated interactivity to your movies.

  • The tutorials on Flash Actionscript Programming and Flash & Javascript are for sharks! These chapters will let you create Flash movies that are way ahead of the average. Unfortunately, these chapters are also very complex, so unless you really want to devote the time needed you should skip them. On the contrary - if you master all the basics and want to take your movies as far possible - this is the whip!

  • The FLA archive is where you can find samples to get inspired by. All files are source files (with the file extension FLA). You can load them into your Flash program and see how they were made.



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