Flash Tweenings :

First look at this example of a Tint Tweening:

Do the following to create a Tint Tweening.

1. Create a symbol.
Choose Insert > New Symbol in the menu (or press Ctrl+F8).

2.Enter a name for the symbol.
A Symbol Properties box appears.
Enter MySymbol in the "name" field.
Make sure the "graphic" option is selected.
Click OK.

New Symbol

After clicking OK, you are taken to the symbol generator
in Flash.
It looks exactly like the work area you are in when you
create movies.
And it acts exactly the same way.
The only difference is: here you create symbols - not movies.
Symbols can be dragged to the canvas of your movie once you're done creating them.

3. Enter the text to act as a symbol.
Choose Text Tool in the toolbox.
Now enter your first name using font size 48 and bold.
It is important that the font is not too thin.

4. Jumping back to the movie from the symbol generator.
To exit the symbol generator and return to your movie
click the scene icon in the upper left corner:
Scene1 Icon

5. Inserting the symbol into the movie
Open Library by choosing Window > Library in the menu (or pressing Ctrl + L).
Click where it says "MySymbol" in the symbol window you just opened.
With the mouse, drag your name from the symbol library into the canvas of the movie.

Symbol Library

Now you're ready to create the tint tweening.

6. Inserting frames in your movie.
Select frame 20 in the timeline and click F5.


7. Entering keyframes in frame 10 and frame 20
Position the frame pointer on frame 10 then press F6.
Repeat this step on frame 20.


8. Adding tint effect to frame 10.
Select frame 10 by positioning the frame pointer at this frame.
Right click the symbol with your name on it (On the movie canvas - not in the symbol library).
An Instance Properties box appears.
Choose: Color Effect.
In the "Color Effect" drop-down box choose "Tint".
Position the "Tint Amount" bar at 100%. (If it is set to zero, no tinting will appear).
Enter these values for Red : 255, Green : 0 and Blue : 0.

Click OK

Instance Properties

9. Add tint tweening to keyframe 1 and keyframe 10.
Double click the keyframe in frame 1.
A Frame Properties box appears.
Enter the settings shown below and click OK.
Then repeat this step on the keyframe in frame 10.

Instance Properties

That's all! You have created a tint tweening.
You can add tint tweenings to any object you like.
Just remember that the object must be a symbol.
Tint effects only work on symbols, and can't be added to things that are drawn directly on the canvas of the movie.



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