Programs :

HTML editors will let you design your pages, almost like you do in a dtp program.
The editor will take care of the HTML coding for you.

However, if you want your pages to be above the average, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to learn HTML.

Editors are an easy way to make webpages, and usually even the most professional webpage starts in an editor. But eventually, most of them end with the last adjustments made by hand, writing and correcting HTML in a text editor.

The listed editors might not be as powerful as, for instance, Dreamweaver - still they are powerful enough to ease the day for even advanced designers. And best of all: They're free.

Arachnophilia 1.6Mb
Web Scrapbook 6.7Mb
CoffeeCup HTML Editor 9.1(shareware) 6.8Mb
First Page 2000 5.2Mb

Arachnophilia is an HTML editor and workshop. You can import fully formatted text, tables and outlines; import them into Arachnophilia, and watch as they are converted into HTML code, complete with colors, fonts and styles. Also supported are CGI, frames, Java, JavaScript, and more.

CoffeeCup Free HTML
Makes web page creation on the net a snap. This extremely simple web page program walks you through each and every step of the creation of your web page. Perfect for beginners who want to get their first web page up and running fast, but complex enough for professionals who need a fast jump-start on a project. Features a built-in browser, drag and drop of images, 60 prebuilt themes and more!

NoteTab Light 1.4Mb

NoteTab Light
An excellent replacement for Notepad, has multiple file support, is fast and tiny and very configurable. The program also features the ability to transfer documents to your web browser and the "clipbook". The clipbook is a user-definable list of text items (HTML tags, glossaries, etc.) stored in a template-based system that can be pasted into documents by double-clicking on their header or through drag-and-drop. There is a filter to remove all HTML tags, hyperlink recognition, and the ability to convert special characters automatically to HTML syntax.

Browser Sizer 0.7Mb
WebTV Viewer 6.8Mb

Browser Sizer
BrowserSizer is a tool to help web developers check to see how their web pages look on screen resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and WebTV. Launch your browser from Browsersizer and get the opportunity to change screen resolution with a single click!

WebTV Viewer
See what your pages look like on WebTV. You will most likely be surprised! The WebTV Viewer simulates WebTV on your personal computer.



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