D-Zine Volume 1 :

Webpages do not look the same on all screens.

The main reason is that different screens can show different numbers of colors and details.

The details a screen can show are determined by the number of pixels (dots) on the screen. The more pixels the more details.

It is important to understand that the number of pixels is not related to the physical size of the screen.
Two 15" screens can have different screen resolutions.

Look at this example showing the same webpage viewed on the same monitor at two different screen resolutions:

800x600 pixels

1600x1200 pixels

A full screen image on your monitor may only take up half the space on another monitor of the same size. This is because images on webpages have a fixed size measured in pixels.

Therefore, if your screen is configured to have 800x600 pixels, an image with the same proportions will fill the entire screen.

On the contrary, if the screen is configured to have 1600x1200 pixels, the same image will fill out only 1/4th of the screen (half the width and half the height).

This is what makes webdesign so different from paperdesign.



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