D-Zine Volume 8 :
Search Engine Tips

There are many myths associated with search engines and the ways that lead to being listed as number one when users do a search for certain topics.

The most common myth is that it is possible to design your site first and THEN focus on search engine listings.

Another common myth is that you can improve your listing with meta tags. This is straightforward NOT true, since search engines nowadays do not look at meta tags for any other purpose than to identify spammers (people that try to get to the top even on topics their sites don't really cover).

No matter which type of search engine we're speaking of, nothing happens until your site gets listed in the search engines database. Most engines have a link to "Submit URL" or "Submit your site". The link is usually either at the very top/bottom on the main page, on the "Advanced search" page or in the "Help" section.

Before submitting your site, you may benefit from learning some of the secrets behind search engines as well as things to incorporate in your design that will give you a better listing.

That's what the rest of this article is all about.



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