D-Zine - Site Colors :

When I first decided to address the notion of popular colors, I kept saying to myself: forget about it. I just couldn't make myself write it, because the entire idea of such a degree of conservatism was just too boring to fit into my head.

What I had been noticing more and more simply HAD to be wrong: that the main websites were beginning to focus on just a handful of colors.

After designing tons of pages and surfing zillions of others, I was aware of certain common colors, being used over and over again (yep I'm weird enough to dig into the HTML to see the hexcode if I like a color on a page).

I finally decided to take a small survey - just to convince myself that my ideas of conservatism were not true.

I picked ten of the top 25 most visited sites on the web. I dug into the source and pulled the color codes. Finally I added the different codes to a table that would allow me to get an overview.

The result, was nothing less than shocking! Proceed to see why...



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