D-Zine - Fixed Design - 800x600 :

We have created a sample page for you.

Since the sample page has the rather complex tables required to keep the layout fixed, you are encouraged to save the sample file for your own design.

All you need to do is delete our dull text and you have a general skeleton for a 800x600 pixels fixed design.

Note: The page uses a 1x1 pixel transparent GIF image named "pixel.gif".

Click HERE to see the sample page.

Make sure to change your screen settings to different resolutions in order to see how the page acts.


The main conclusions to draw from this areticle are:
  • Webpages can be designed with pixel precision.

  • The main tools to do this are: advanced tables and a 1x1 pixel transparent GIF image.

  • It is possible to layout a page for 800x600 pixels that is not ruined when viewed at 640x480 pixel screens.

  • If you're not the king of table design, you can use our sample page as a general skeleton.

  • No matter how fixed your design is, if you place an object that exceeds the available space it will stretch the design. You can't place a 300x300 pixel image in a fixed menu table cell designed for a maximum width of 150 pixels.

  • Before choosing to layout your page in a 800x600 pixel fixed design, you should consider a 640x480 pixel fixed design as well as a variable designed page.

  • If you want to add to the techniques mentioned here for a pixel precise and flexible design you should consider adding cascading style sheets to your skill toolbox.



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