D-Zine : Precision Design :

To summarize

1. You can get rid of the default margins in both browsers by adding attributes to the body tag.

2. You can get rid of the default margins and spacings for tables by setting the cellspacing and cellpadding attributes to zero.

3. You can position elements with pixel precision with the use of a transparent GIF image by setting the width and height to fit the desired space between elements.

4. You can control the exact width of table cells with the use of an invisible GIF image.

5. You can place two tables side by side simply by placing them in different columns of an outer table.

6. You can create fake table borders by adding an outer table that works as the border.

7. You can prevent your pages from appearing to be loading slow by breaking the outer table that divides the page into itís main sections wherever possible.

8. You can help maintain an overview of outer tables by adding small comments to all tags that belong to the outer tables.



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