HTML Forms :

When your form is submitted you need a program that can receive the information and do something with it.

Such programs are sometimes referred to as: CGI programs.

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface, which is computer latin for a program that translates information.

This translation is necessary because the server might be a UNIX machine while the visitor might be sending information from a Windows platform.

Windows and UNIX handle information differently - so if there were no CGI, then UNIX machines could only communicate with other UNIX machines etc. and that is pretty far from the basic idea of the world wide web.

Now, you might be thinking "Well, I can't run programs on my server so this is nothing for me".

Fortunately you're most likely wrong.

There are dozens of free services on the web that will offer you free CGI for almost any purpose you might have.

We devoted an entire CGI section on this site, to help you find what you need - including guestbooks, poll systems, counters, form mailers etc etc etc.

On the following pages we will introduce the different form tags and settings you can use....



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