HTML Metatags :

Meta tags are used to store information usually relevant to browsers and search engines.

For example, some search engines look to meta tags for descriptions, keywords, etc.

Other examples have relevance to the browser: Examples would be tags telling it to load a specific url after x seconds or tags telling it that a certain page should not be cached.

Another example is the ICRA meta tag. This tag can prevent sites with adult content from being seen on IE browsers.

Finally, some meta tags serve a purpose that is unique for the site in question. An example might be a newspaper site, where the journalist sends a text of an article to an advanced tool that creates an HTML document of it. This program may add special meta tags to allow an indexing of the articles. So if you ever see a strange meta tag that is not listed the books, this is probably the reason.

The next page will explain why meta tags relevance to search engines is over rated...



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