HTML Metatags :

It is possible to lock the browser from viewing pages that have not been classified using the ICRA system (Internet Content Rating Association, formerly known as RSACi).

To see how the rating system works on Internet Explorer, choose the Tools->Internet Options->Content. Try enable the "content advisor" to turn the function on.

Internet Explorer 3.0 and above, as well as new versions of Netscape support this service.

Specifying information for content restricted browsers:

<meta http-equiv="pics-label" content='(pics-1.1 "" l gen true for "" r (cz 1 lz 1 nz 1 oz 1 vz 1) "" l gen true for "" r (n 0 s 0 v 0 l 0))' />

You need to visit for a full description of this tag, as well as obtaining your own clarification code for your page.

The service is free and should be used on all pages, even the pages that do not contain bad language or adult content. The reason being, that many company browsers have been set up to not allow viewing of pages without a content rating.



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