HTML Hexcolors :

Only 216 colors are what we refer to as "browser safe".

Browser safe colors are colors that look the same no matter which browser you see them on.

The reason is that browsers running on different platforms interpret the colors differently.

The only 216 colors that look the same no matter what, are the colors made out of pairs of 00, 33, 66, 99, CC and FF.

An example would be: "#990066".

You should always strive to limit your use of colors to these combinations.
You can use our color picker to pick browser safe colors.

The technical reason for unsafe colors is that Netscape browsers have their own color system. A system that does not match with typical graphics programs.

You can easily make a simple test of the Netscape error.
  • Try making a small image in your graphics program.

  • The image should just be a plain fill with an unsafe color.

  • Now convert the color value to hex.

  • Then make a page with the hexcolor as background.

  • Finally insert the image on the page.

Since you used the same RGB color for both your page and your image, the image should be invisible on the page.
But on Netscape browsers you can actually see the image!

You can learn more about safe colors in our design section.

Otherwise, proceed to learn how you can convert between the decimal numbers you enter in your graphics program and the hexadecimal colors you have on your HTML pages...



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