HTML Images :

Computers store images in several different ways.

Some storage methods focus on compressing the size of the image as much as possible.

A major problem with using images on websites is that images take much longer to load than text.

To reduce download times as much as possible two of the best image compressing formats used on the web are:

256 colorsUnlimited colors
Can handle transparent areasCan't handle transparent areas
This format is not good at compressing photographsExcellent for compressing photographs and complex images
In general, it is excellent for banners, buttons and clipartIn general, it is not good for banners, buttons and clipart.

This means that:
  • Banners, buttons, dividers, clipart and other simple images usually work best as GIF's.

  • Photographs and other complex images usually work best as JPG's.

If you want to use an image that is in a format other than JPG or GIF, you will need to load the image into a graphics program and save it as either JPG or GIF.



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