Drop-Down Menu :

To make this script work on your page you need to add it to the <head> section of your document.

Next you need to add onChange="DropDownMenu(this)" to each drop-down menu that should call the script.

The onChange is added to the <select> tag of the desired
drop-down menu.

Finally you need to add the desired URL and the optional target to each of the options in the menus.

To do this use the following syntax:
<option value="http://www.yahoo.com">Yahoo</option>

If you want to add a target to the link use this syntax:
<option value="http://www.yahoo.com&target">Yahoo</option>

where "target" is replaced by the target you want to use.

If you wanted the link to open in a frame called "main" you would add:
<option value="http://www.yahoo.com&main">Yahoo</option>

You can also use the reserved targets:
  • "_blank"

  • "_top"

  • "_parent"

  • "_self"

Click here to get an explanation of these targets.

Finally, you can enter FALSE in the URL field to let the script know that the option shouldn't load a page.
This is what you do if you want one of the options to be a header for the drop-down menu - for example "SEARCH ENGINES" and "THIS SITE" in the two examples shown at the top of this page.

The script looks like this:

function DropDownMenu(entered)
// *********************************
// DROP DOWN MENU (c) Henrik Petersen / NetKontoret 1998 - All rights reserved
// Explained along with other useful scripts at: http://www.echoecho.com/javascript.htm
// You may freely use this script as long as you do not remove this line and the 2 lines above.
// ******************************************

with (entered)
// Store the selected option in a variable called ref
// Count the position of the optional &

// The three lines below checks if a target goes along with the URL
// That is: (if a "&" is in the option-value).
// If so, the URL is stored in a variable called loc and the target
// is stored in a variable called target.
// If not the URL is stored in a variable called loc and "_self" is
// stored in the variable called target.

if (splitcharacter!=-1) {loc=ref.substring(0,splitcharacter); target=ref.substring(splitcharacter+1,1000).toLowerCase();}
else {loc=ref; target="_self";};

// create a varible called lowloc to store loc in lowercase characters.

// Skip the rest of this function if the selected optionvalue is "false".
if (lowloc=="false") {return;}

// Open link in current document
if (target=="_self") {document.location=loc;}

// Cancel eventual framesets and open link in current window
else {if (target=="_top") {top.location=loc;}

// Open link in new window
else {if (target=="_blank") {window.open(loc);}

// Open link in parent frame
else{if (target=="_parent") {parent.location=loc;}

// Open link in the specified frame
else {parent.frames[target].location=loc;};



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