JavaScript Objects :

The window.history object contains an array of information on the URLs that the client has visited within a window.

To change a window's current URL without generating a history entry, you can use the location.replace method. This replaces the current page with a new one without generating a history entry. See location.replace.

You can refer to the history entries by using the window.history array. This array contains an entry for each history entry in source order. Each array entry is a string containing a URL.

For example, if the history list contains three named entries, these entries are reflected as history[0], history[1], and history[2].

lengthReturns number of entries in the history list.NS2+
backLoads the previous URL in the history list.NS2+
forwardLoads the next URL in the history list.NS2+
goLoads a URL from the history list.NS2+
nextSpecifies the URL of the next history entry.NS3+
previousSpecifies the URL of the previous history entry.NS3+
currentSpecifies the URL of the current history entry.NS3+

DEF indicates which version of Netscape browser introduced the object. You can click the DEF link to get the complete object documentation provided by DevEdge.


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