JavaScript Objects :

The navigator object contains information about the browser.

appCodeNameSpecifies the code name of the browser.NS2+
appNameSpecifies the name of the browser.NS2+
appVersionSpecifies version information for the browser.NS2+
userAgentSpecifies the user agent header.NS2+
mimeTypesAn array of all MIME types supported by the visitors browser.NS3+
pluginsAn array of all plug-ins currently installed on the visitors browser.NS3+
javaEnabledTests whether Java is enabled.NS3+
plugins.refreshMakes newly installed plug-ins available and can reload windows containing plug-ins.NS3+
taintEnabledSpecifies whether data tainting is enabledNS3+
platformIndicates the platform (Win32, Unix, etc.) for which the browser was compiled.NS4+
languageIndicates the language version of the browser (ex: UK, De, Dk).NS4+
preferenceAllows a signed script to get and set certain Navigator preferences.NS4+

DEF indicates which version of Netscape Browsers that introduced the object. You can click the DEF link to get the complete object documentation provided by DevEdge.


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