JavaScript Objects :

The window.location object contains information on the current URL.

The location object represents the complete URL associated with a given window object. Each property of the location object represents a different portion of the URL.

hashSpecifies an anchor name in the URL.NS2+
hostSpecifies the host and domain name, or IP address, of a network host.NS2+
hostnameSpecifies the host:port portion of the URL.NS2+
hrefSpecifies the entire URL.NS2+
pathnameSpecifies the URL path portion of the URL.NS2+
portSpecifies the communications port that the server uses.NS2+
protocolSpecifies the beginning of the URL, including the colon.NS2+
searchSpecifies a query.NS2+
reloadForces a reload of the window's current document.NS3+
replaceLoads the specified URL over the current history entryNS3+

DEF indicates which version of Netscape browser introduced the object. You can click the DEF link to get the complete object documentation provided by DevEdge.


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