Search Engine Tips :
Types of Search Engines

There are three basic types of search engines:

  • Robots
  • Human based
  • Meta engines

Robots are computers that will visit your site and scan the content for words, then rank your site for relevance without human interception. Some of the most well known robots are Google and Altavista.

Human based indexes are search engines that are based on human indexing of sites in different categories. Staff from the search engine will visit the sites and first judge whether the site is good enough to even get listed. If it is, they will list the site in the appropriate category using a handful of key words that are particularly relevant to the site. Some of the most well known human based indexes are Yahoo and Looksmart.

Meta engines search other search engines and then create a list of results based on which sites come up first across the engines searched. Some of the most well known meta engines are MetaCrawler and Mamma.

The only way to get your site listed first in meta engines is to get to the top of robots and human based engines. Therefore we will focus on these two in the rest of this article.



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