Speed Pages :

Speedpages are a valuable asset to any site. With faster loading, visitors will stay longer and return to your site more often.

As this dzine has described, speed pages can be acomplished in several relatively easy ways.


  • Break tables whenever possible. Avoid enclosing your site in a single invisible table.
  • Always add height and width atributes to images.
  • Use thumbnails
  • Reuse logos and navigation elements.
  • Keep secondary information at the ends of your pages.
  • Keep style attributes out of HTML.

CSS shortens your pages since you don't have to specify the entire style each and every time its used.

  • Save CSS definitions to external files.
Javascript -

Use document.write to save HTML code pieces in external javascript files.

  • HTML code pieces are enclosed in single quotes.
  • Write each codepiece as a function in the external.js file, then link to external.js in the head of your HTML pages.
  • Remember to use " \ " before apostrophes.

These tricks will benefit you in several ways:

  • lower server cost/traffic

  • increased page transfer speed

  • incredible flexibility to change items that are used throughout the site in one place!

Keep these things in mind when making your site, your visitors and your pocketbook will appreciate it.



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