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Erase Tool

The Erase tool works similar to a classic eraser. Simply select the tool and drag on the Stage to erase things.

Double-click Eraser Tool: Erase All

You can double click the Eraser tool to delete everything on the stage. (If you happen to do this by mistake you can always click Ctrl+Z to undo).

Eraser Mode Modifier Using the Eraser Mode Option

In the options listed at the bottom of the toolbox you can specify the Eraser Mode:
  • Erase Normal - erases strokes and fills on the same layer.

  • Erase Fills - erases only fills; strokes are not affected.

  • Erase Lines - erases only strokes; fills are not affected.

  • Erase Selected Fills - erases only the currently selected fills and does not affect strokes, selected or not. (Select the fills you want to erase before using the Eraser tool in this mode.)

  • Erase Inside - erases only the fill on which you begin the eraser stroke. If you begin erasing from an empty point, nothing will be erased. Strokes are unaffected by the eraser in this mode.

Faucet Modifier Using the Faucet Option

To remove stroke segments or filled areas:

1. Select the Eraser tool and then click the Faucet modifier.

2. Click the stroke segment or filled area that you want to delete.

Eraser Shape Modifier Using the Eraser Shape Option

In the options listed at the bottom of the toolbox there is a drop down that lets you specify the Eraser shape and size.
Use this option to customize the size and look of the eraser.

Alternative ways to delete things

There are other ways to delete things besides using the Eraser tool.

The most common way is to select one or more objects and then press the DEL key on the keyboard.

You can delete an entire layer by clicking the layer at the top of your screen and dragging it to the Trash bin.

You can delete several frames at once by selecting the frames (and layers) in the timeline, then right click and choose "cut frames".

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