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Ink Bottle Tool

The Ink Bottle tool lets you change the stroke color, line width, and style of lines or shape outlines.

Using the Ink Bottle tool, rather than selecting individual lines and objects, makes it easier to change the stroke attributes of multiple objects at one time.

To use the Ink Bottle tool:

1. Select the Ink Bottle tool.

2. Choose a stroke color as described in Using the Stroke and Fill controls in the toolbox.

Color Tools:
Tool Box : Colors

3. Choose line style and line width from the Stroke panel.

Stroke Panel : Window > Panels > Stroke
Panels : Stroke

4. Click an object on the Stage to apply the stroke modifications.

Applying outlines to existing objects:

You can use the stroke tool to apply outlines even for things that were initially made without outlines.
For example, if you initially created a rectangle with no outline, then later decided you wanted an outline, simply use the Ink Bottle tool as described above and a new outline will be applied.

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