Frameset Script :

To let you try out the scripts we produced a sample page.

It consists of four files:
  • framespage.htm--The page that declares the frameset.

  • navpage.htm--The page that is loaded into the left frame window.

  • defaultsub.htm--The defaultpage to be loaded into the right frame window.

  • subpage.htm--A secondary page that can be loaded into the right frame window.

The most interesting page is subpage.htm.
Although it is not a default page declared in the frameset, it will be opened within the frameset if we try to open it.

When you click the links to the sample page, it will open in a new window. Just close that window to return back here.

Click to open framespage.htm.
It will open the frameset in the ordinary way.

Click to open subpage.htm.
It will try to open subpage outside the frameset.
As you will see, the script ensures that the page gets opened within the frameset instead.



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