Tables :
Tables vs Frames

Frames are very useful in keeping websites consistent, however they are often abused and have some weaknesses.

Certain search engines don't work properly when indexing websites using frames.

Users cannot refer people to specific pages when using frames because the URL does not show. When people give the URL to specific pages, if they are lucky enough to find out the URL, the page will load without the frameset.

Frames are not supported in all browsers, however, they do have one particular feature that everybody knows about - They are great for displaying a whole new page inside another one. This is handy for making external links to websites with a link back to your website in a top frame and the actual site in the main frame.

So, an alternative is needed and tables is the solution. Tables can do nearly everything that frames can do except behaving like frames. Tables can keep pages consistent and do not have any of the weaknesses that frames possess.



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