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Breaking Tables

As some of us do not know, browsers can only display tables after all of the content has completed loading. This means that if you have an entire page in a table, then the page will only display after the entire page has loaded.

A way to avoid this is to break tables where ever possible. This would allow the browser to display tables normally, but because they are separated, the first will display after it's loaded and then the next follows. For example:

<table><tr><td>This text and rest of table code must load</td></tr></table>
<table><tr><td>This text and rest of table code must load also </td></tr></table>

The first table would display itself after it had loaded, while the second table is still being loaded in the background.

Breaking tables only require a short </td></tr></table>, so it will make little difference to the size of your HTML.

Remember that a table cannot be drawn until the browser knows what is inside it. This includes image dimensions. If an image doesn't have it's size defined, the browser must wait for it to load to find out it's dimensions. Thus, we always define the dimensions of your images like so:

<img src="bigpicture.jpg" height="400" width="300" alt="Big Picture">

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