Design Perception :
Law of closeness

Elements that are close to each other are related.

* CowBoy *
* BatMan *
* CatWoman *

In the above example we have three animal species listed to the left and three human species listed to the right.

We intuitively make this division of the text into two columns because of: The law of closeness.

If things are positioned next to each other people will assume that they are connected or related.

But what if we wanted the visitors to connect things differently, so instead of two columns, it was three rows with the texts: Cow-Boy, Bat-Man and Cat-Woman.

If that was our mission, then we'd be in conflict with the law of closeness, since the items we want related aren't positioned close to each other.

Sometimes when designing websites, you can't just place things next to each other without ruining other parts of the design. In these cases you're forced to break the law of closeness. But as you will see on the following pages, it is actually possible - if you emphasize one or more of the other conceptual laws.



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