Design Perception :
Law of connectivity

Elements that are connected are related.




In the above example, we have three texts listed (Cow-Boy, Bat-Man and Cat-Woman).

Despite the fact that the word pairs are positioned far from each other we still see them as connected.

We intuitively make this division of the text into three rows because of: The law of connectivity.

If things are connected to each other they are related.

This last law of conception is obviously the most primitive. If everything else fails, draw an arrow between the elements. Obviously not the most discrete way to connect elements. Quite often, it's actually so indiscrete that it ruins the layout.

However, there are cases where one doesn't really bother about the touch and style of the layout - AS LONG AS IT WORKS! (Rescue instructions, lifejacket explanations, oneway only signs etc.)

If a certain relation simply MUST be understood, the Law of connectivity is an extremely strong tool to operate with.



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