Design Perception :
Law of enclosure

Elements that are framed together are related.

* CowBoy *

* BatMan *

* CatWoman *

In the above example we have three lines of text listed.

Despite the fact that the two parts of each line are positioned far from each other, we still see them as connected. (Cow-Boy, Bat-Man and Cat-Woman).

We intuitively make this division of the text into three rows because of: The law of enclosure.

If things are kept within the same frame they are connected or related to each other.

In the above example, the frames actually allow for us to break the Law of closeness explained on the previous page.

Of course it would be best if we could have related texts both close to each other and within the same frame. But if a conflict arises - the frame law usually wins the battle.

But what if we want the visitors to connect things a third way around.... for example: female species (Cow/Woman), male species(Boy/Man) and unspecified species(Bat/Cat).

If rearranging the position of the text was not an option, then we couldn't solve this problem with frames. (Would be a pretty odd looking frame that connected cow with woman.)

The next page offers a solution...



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