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They offer as part of the concept, CPM ads (Cost Per Mille (Mille=1000) which is the same as Pay Per View).

The more relevant the ad campaign is to your site, the more money you are likely to make.

For example, if you have a site dealing with nonmaterialistic buddhist life in Tibet, you probably won't get many exclusive campaigns, thus you may not make as much money.

If - on the contrary, you run a site that deals with computer hardware - and if it is a unique and popular site, you'd most likely get many exclusive campaigns.

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ClickTrade is a service provided by bCentral.

You can surf through hundreds of advertisers and pick the ones you want to have on your page.

When you find an ad you'd like on your page, you simply click a button and the advertiser gets notified about your request. A couple of days later you will receive an acceptance or a decline.

When you have earned $25, you can request that a check be
sent to you.

The advertisers will pay you either per click or per buy.

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SmartClicks is the free, easy way to show your banner ad on the million-member SmartClicks network. For every two banners shown on your site, one of your banners is shown on someone else's site.

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Banner Tips Effective Banners

This service offers tips and ideas on how to improve your banners. After all - signing up with a banner exchange service is worthless if your banner does not attract visitors.

The site also runs a gallery of some of the most successful banners on the internet. The gallery should give you a good idea of what works and what doesn't.

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