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Mailing lists provide a way for you to keep in touch with friends, customers, and others, without stressing your e-mail server.

There are many benefits to administering the mailing list from a service dedicated to that purpose.
The most important being statistics on your members as well as easy maintainance of the list.

Below is a list of the best services for the purpose.


Bravenet Mailing Lists, or Distribution Lists, are a fantastic way to build a collection of e-mail addresses and e-mail to them all at once as required.

Great for newsletters, client contact, or notification of website upgrades. And they join right from your site!

With Bravenet Mailing Lists you can:
  • Paste a form on your site so visitors can join your list. Or maintain the list and only you can add e-mail addresses to the list.

  • Delete unwanted e-mail addresses.

  • Pop into the Members Area and send of an e-mail to everyone on your list in seconds!

  • Allow list members can unsubscribe if they want to.

  • Receive notification by e-mail when someone subscribes or unsubscribes from your list.

  • Offer spell checking!

  • Do a back-up of your mailing list via the Back-up Utility.

Click here to sign up with Bravenet.


eGroups is a full feature mailing list system.
List messages are delivered within seconds of receiving them.

eGroups has many features not found in other free mailing
list systems:
  • Digest and Normal Subscriptions

  • User Center

  • Automatic E-mail Alias Support

  • E-mail Notification

  • Multiple Moderators

  • Custom Welcome Letter

  • Self Categorization

  • Custom Trailer

  • Unlisted Lists

  • Language Attribute

  • Maturity Level

  • List Center

  • Advanced Searches

eGroups also supports all the features you'd expect from a mailing list system, including:
  • Restricted Lists - The moderator must approve all subscribers before they are subscribed to the list.

  • Moderated Lists - The moderator must approve all messages before they are sent to the list.

  • Announcement Lists - The moderator is the only person who can send e-mail to the list.

List moderators have complete control over their lists, including the ability to add users, unsubscribe users, and change any list attributes. These features are all available through the easy to use web site.

Click here to start your own FREE e-mail list!

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