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Guestbooks are great additions that let your webpages step out of the one way communication universe.

The guestbooks listed here are free and remotely hosted. They can be customized to fit the layout of your site.

Guestbooks add interactivity to your site. But they also lessen your control of the content. Visitors could post ANYTHING to your guestbook. Some webmasters solve this problem by setting up a "fake" guestbook.

They use a form mailer on their "sign guestbook" page. Entries are mailed to the webmaster instead of written directly into the "view guestbook" page. If the content is acceptable, the webmaster will cut and paste it to the "view guestbook" page and upload it.

Another solution would be to sign up with a guestbook that has swear checking.

Both Guestpage.Com and Bravenet.Com offer an opportunity to automatically check postings for bad language/swearing before accepting them.

There are tons of other free guestbooks on the web.
However, none of them offer anything more than you can find in the ones listed. Once again - our aim has been to produce a short list of the best.


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