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One of the most popular free guestbooks on the net.

Let's you customize your guestbook layout completely.

Offers multiple guestbooks. You can have one for each page on your site if you wish.

Also gives you an option to receive an e-mail when someone makes an entry to your guestbook.

All in all - a very easy and highly flexible service.

Click here to add a dreambook to your site!


A great alternative to the Dreambook service.

Allows you to customize it with your own colors, fonts, images,
and questions.

You can even use e-mail notification or swear checking!

There is also a user friendly guestbook wizard that might help you build an awesome guestbook.

Finally, when signing up with Bravenet you also get access to a ton of other resources you might want on your site.

So, if for nothing else, go see for yourself all the other free scripts they offer.

Click here to sign up with Bravenet.

1-2-3 WebTools

A very easy to setup guestbook.

Will let you customize the layout.

When signing up for a free guestbook you also receive the option to add a free form handler and a free visitor link page to your site.

Your guestbook pages will show a banner ad at the top.

All in all - a very easy solution.

Click here to add a guestbook to your site!


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