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HitBox - World1000

This is by far the most detailed, sophisticated, informative statistic tool available on the web.

HitBox provides you with more than 300 different statistics about your visitors.

  • Browser types

  • screen resolution

  • number of visits

  • referring page

  • search entries

  • unique visitors

  • page requests

  • local time when entering your site

  • you name it!

This is simply the best!!!

All these stats are available on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Finally, your site will be ranked in the World1000 - allowing you to compare your site against others in the same category.
This addition to HitBox is an excellent motivator.

Click here to sign up for a free HitBox

Other Free Stats

There are several other free statistic tools available on the net.

Below is a listing of the more popular ones.

If you're not interested in detailed stats and would rather have a visible counter on your page, check out the CGI Counter page.



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