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Forms can add a lot of interactivity to your pages.

In order to do so - you need to have programs running on servers that can handle the forms.

The programs typically receive the form inputs and then send them to your email account.

Instead of simply placing an email link that will let the user's mail program pop up, you can force the user to deliver certain inputs by having the mail sent from a form.

It's typical to have certain required fields on the form such as senders email or name, along with added optional fields.

If you don't know what a form is, or how to create one, you should check out the HTML tutorial on the topic.

If you want to check form inputs before submitting them, you should consider the javascript tutorial on the topic.

No matter how your form is composed - you will need a program that can receive the inputs and mail it to your account. That is what you will find on this page.


Bravenet E-mail Forms and QuickMail is a great way of getting feedback/input from your visitors.

E-mail forms let you put a series of questions up on your page and the responses will be e-mailed back to you instantly when your visitor hits "Send". E-mail Forms are completely customizable.

With Bravenet you can:
  • Put in as many questions as you like.

  • Edit the look of the form to suit your site.

  • Use text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down selectors and text areas!

  • Receive e-mail immediately when the form is filled out.

  • Direct the visitor to a "thank you" page after the e-mail is sent.

Bravenet also offers QuickMail which is a quick "copy and paste" set up, with several customizable features.

Click here to create your own Bravenet form.

Freedback (aka "FreeForm")

They show you how to add free forms to your site!

The promise is that your form will be running in 10 minutes and I believe they're right!

Fill out a form on their page and you're ready to add forms to your own page. As easy as it gets!

Click here to create your own Freedback form!


Simple, flexible script, running on their server.

Can configure the script in many ways by adding special, mostly hidden, fields in your form.

Currently available in 13 languages including Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Romanian and Portuguese.

Click here to create your FormMailer form!


No coding, no hassles.
The information your visitors enter in your forms will be automatically emailed to you.

You don't need to know perl, java or cgi!

Click here to begin using Response-O-Matic.



     "Better Than Books - As Easy As It Gets!"