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Let your visitors publically discuss topics of interest, right on
your webpage.

Unlike a guestbook, a forum will place postings in topical context rather than by date.

However, if your visitors do not post often you might be better off with a normal guestbook, since the forum will otherwise seem to
be dead.


Allows you to set up a customized forum on your site.

Bravenet forums are completely customizable so you can make it look just like the rest of your site.

Bravenet Features:
  • Customize title graphic, title and subtitle description.

  • Choose any background graphic and color.

  • Pick suitable colors for the text.

  • Use icons that symbolize the nature of the post.

  • E-mail notification of posts to your forum.

  • Allow or disallow HTML in the forum postings.

  • Delete any unwanted posts.

  • IP address banning tool.

  • Spell Check

Click here to sign up with Bravenet.


EzBoard is a free online community created, customized, and controlled by people with a similar interest.
The EZBoard network allows you to find a specific online community for your interests.

Users must sign up with a global account (login and password) to participate in the forums.

Click here to add your own EzBoard!


There are several other free message boards available on the net.

Check out some of the more popular ones.



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